Working Solo. Building Business. Together.

We realize that this may be a new, less traveled road for you, working for the first time, alone in your home office.  You may be nervous to take the leap to leave your current job as you’re afraid you’ll have no one to talk to.  You wish you had a group of mentors to help you when you have questions or need support.  This new way of working has you stumped and you need someone to provide ideas to keep you accountable and productive.  The gym? You can't remember the last time you kept a consistent workout routine.  

More productive, more happy, more healthy in your home office. Join the Home Office Project Membership.

It's OK. Your friends are waiting to meet you in The Home Office Project.  Fellow independent entrepreneurs, bloggers, course creators, writers, consultants, coaches; Like-minded, positive people just like you who are building our online businesses together.

The Home Office Project is a virtual co-working space where positive, like-minded solopreneurs (or those that want to be) come together to network, collaborate and grow their business(s). We're on a quest to be more productive, healthy, and happy in our home offices. Together.

Make a difference.

An online course is simply a platform to take your ideas, purpose or knowledge and share it with a vast online audience.  Similar to what an ebook was ten years ago, an online course is a way to package your knowledge, expand your audience reach and add revenue to your bottom line.  

launch your online course this year

Here are a few reasons why people are creating online courses:

  • Bloggers are creating courses as a way to create a product that educates their audience and adds an additional stream of revenue

  • Consultants and coaches are creating online courses and communities as a way to support their clientele daily, not just one hour a week or month.  Courses also allow them to help more people than just those that can travel to their office.

  • Courses are a way to turn your hobby, passion or purpose into a side gig and scale it while you’re working your full time job SO you can eventually leave your full time job.

  • Online courses allow retirees who have accumulated years of lessons, experience and wisdom to continue to add value to the world and pass on what they have learned to others.

Not sure if your idea is course worthy? Never created a course?  No problem.  We’ll help you.