Tools We Use

  • ConvertKitWe used to invest far too many hours in our old email marketing system. We don't anymore. If you are ready to take your list building to the next level, without hassle, without the time suck, try out ConvertKit. 

Home Office Project Approved Technology

  • Logitech MX Master Wireless MouseIf you spend a good portion of your day "mousing" (with your hand on a mouse when its not on a keyboard), then the right mouse is critical. The day I (Steph) changed to this mouse is the day that some of my elbow and wrist pain went away. I'm an aggressive mouser and this device saves me. The other perk of this mouse? I love that I can customize the many buttons to control Spotify (and other apps) from my mouse!
  • Pet CorrectorWhen the conference or video call starts, do you just hold your breath hoping that this won't be the moment your dog(s) start barking up a storm? We do. Our very humane and proven system is the Pet Corrector. Follow the tips on the packaging and your dog will stop being a frequent "contributor" on conference calls. 

Current Favorite Reads


  • SugarWise is our favorite project.  Yes, it was created in partnership with Fort Collins Weight Loss & Nutrition and our dear friend, Esther. A struggle in the home office is the frequent drive-by of the pantry to grab food that doesn't fuel our brain. If you are ready to begin moderating sugar to improve your health, have more energy, less pain, and a flatter belly (yes, really), we would love it if you could take a peek at SugarWise. It (more than) works for us.

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